Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Thermogenic Diet And Its Benefits

    What Is Thermogenesis?

    Thermogenesis is a process that is defined by a rise in body temperature. It can also be seen as an increase in energy output of the body. The temperature rise is usuallyconsidered to be one brought about by an inner process rather than heat from an external force such as a furnace. The rise in temperature makes fitness come easier to those who work out.

    How Does Thermogenesis Work?

    Thermogenesis is the term used to explain the activity of brown adipose tissue involving includes dozens of metabolic and biochemical events. Brown adipose tissue is found in very small amounts throughout the body and considered good fat. Its sole purpose to create heat and it does that by using kilojoules/calories. These kilojoules/calories come from white adipose tissue or your bad fat which is seen on your body.

    What are the basics?

    Following a strict thermogenic diet will see some restriction of carbohydrates while focusing on low glycaemic index foods (meats, dairy products, whole grains, nuts and seeds, most vegetables and some fruits) and limiting high low glycaemic index foods (refined carbohydrates and sugars). It also involves increasing the intake of specific thermogenic foods. Protein also plays an important role in a thermogenic diet. Protein is a main determinant of diet-induced thermogenesis by way of controlling body weight regulation through satiety.

    What are the Thermogenic Foods?

    Whilst eating any sort of food with boost metabolism, there are some foods which have been studied to boost metabolism more than others. These include many spicy foods, green tea, vinegar, broccoli, cabbage, berries and grapefruit. Spicy foods such as cayenne peppers, chilies, hot peppers and salsa have shown to increase the body's metabolic rate. Studies on green tea have shown that its components can reduce absorption of sugar into the blood, and decrease the craving for sweets. Other studies have been conducted to show that including these types of foods into your diet may increase success in weight loss by increasing your metabolism through thermic effect of a meal.


    Always consult with your physician or dietitian before beginning any new diet program. The thermogenic diet is a carbohydrate-restrictive diet and can be dangerous for individuals who have diabetes or low-blood sugar.

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