Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Garden your way to be Energetic

    Tending your garden can make you feel energetic and happier, say experts.

    Besides feeling younger, energetic and happier, gardeners are also more likely to be organized and optimistic than non-gardeners, say experts.

    A regular spot of gardening gives the over-50s more of a "zest for life" than those who don't have an inclination for it, reported citing researchers.

    Researchers from two universities in Texas analyzed about 300 people over 50, dividing them into gardeners and non- gardeners. They found that 71 per cent of gardeners said they did not "feel old" compared with 57 per cent of non-gardeners.

    The gardeners also felt more energetic, got more exercise and were shown to be more mentally active. There were also higher scores for "life satisfaction" among gardeners while they were also more likely to eat fresh fruit and vegetables.

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